Acclaimed as America’s fastest rising university and a proud member of the world’s most prestigious public university system, UC Riverside both embodies and empowers the California Dream.

Today UCR attracts an ambitious new generation of bold thinkers.

Here at UCR, students test and hone their talents as members of an exceptional community defined by authenticity, radical connectivity, and academic rigor.

Here they learn to respect differences, embrace new perspectives, and value collective insight

Here they find their voice and empower their rise as next-gen explorers, activists, leaders, and entrepreneurs.

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And here is where you come in:

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“You are our American dream.”

We asked 11 first-generation graduates what being the first in their family to earn a college diploma meant to them. Then we opened up the question to their families. See what happens when the students read their families’ responses for the first time (grab the tissues!).

You can create lifechanging impact for first-generation students when you make a gift to UC Riverside today.

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Learn about the inspiring students you support when you give to UCR

Roseanne Carmen Rosenthal

Writing Her Future

Third-year poet channels her ambitions and passion for writing at UCR.

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Ramón Leija

Deep Roots

Aspiring dentist and student-athlete aims to make her parents proud.

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Hurnan Vongsachang

Booster Shot

Medical school scholarships and pipeline programs give students a chance to serve their communities.

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Cebrina Nolan

‘Rocky’ in Riverside

UCR alums and students deliver a one-two punch to help local at-risk youth.

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Areas to Support

  • University Greatest Needs

    Allowing university leaders to support needs and commitments that arise during the school year, the Living the Promise Fund is an unrestricted fund supported by gifts raised through direct mail and e-philanthropy.

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  • Student Scholarships

    Gifts towards UCR scholarship funds play a critical role in enabling the best and brightest students to reach their potential and achieve their dreams.

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  • College of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences

    A combination of the arts, humanities, and social sciences create a unique environment to examine diverse dimensions of social and historical life and human meaning.

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  • College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences

    Evolving out of the Citrus Experiment Station, the College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences brings together the study of agricultural, life, physical, and mathematical sciences for collaboration.

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  • Graduate School of Education

    A professional school responsible for linking research, instruction, and service in the field of education, programs help educators at all levels take on today’s toughest education challenges.

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  • Marlan and Rosemary Bourns College of Engineering

    Producing engineers with the knowledge to serve rapidly-changing technology and conducting cutting-edge research, Bourns College of Engineering is a catalyst for industrial growth in Inland Southern California, the state, and the world.

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  • School of Business

    Preparing students for management and leadership roles in today’s global landscape, the School of Business offers MBA and Ph.D. programs, and the largest undergraduate program in the UC system.

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  • School of Medicine

    Opened in 2013, the UC Riverside School of Medicine is expanding and diversifying the region’s physician workforce and developing research and health care delivery programs to improve the health of medically underserved populations. 

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  • School of Public Policy

    Working in partnership with policy makers, entrepreneurs, and business leaders in our area and around the world, faculty and students in the UCR School of Public Policy address complex issues facing growing communities today.

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  • UCR Arts

    Comprising California Museum of Photography, Sweeney Art Gallery, and The Barbara and Art Culver Center of the Arts on a single city block of downtown Riverside’s bustling Main Street pedestrian plaza, UCR Arts is an internationally-recognized visual and performing arts center that serves as a cultural anchor for the university and the region.

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  • UCR Athletics

    The Highlanders compete in 17 sports at the NCAA Division I level, the highest level of collegiate competition in the country. Proud members of the Big West Conference, a group of nine schools all based within the state of California, the Athletics program at UCR enhances the reputation of the university and provides student-athletes with the opportunity for growth outside the classroom.

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  • UCR Botanic Gardens

    Nestled in the foothills of the Box Springs Mountains on the east side of campus, the UCR Botanic Gardens cover 40 hilly acres, connecting people with nature. As a living classroom without walls, the gardens provide a wide assortment of materials for courses at UCR as well as other local schools, ranging from botany and anthropology to entomology and photography. Visitors to campus come to explore the four miles of scenic trails, view our more than 3,500 plant species from around the world, or just relax on a bench and enjoy the beauty.

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  • UCR Extension

    For more than 50 years, UCR Extension has provided educational opportunities to people of all ages seeking professional advancement, personal fulfillment, and fun ways to learn new skills. UC Riverside Extension operates independently as a nonprofit division of UCR.

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  • UCR Library

    With three million volumes, 28,000 print and electronic serial subscriptions, 1.7 million microforms, 300,000 government information sources, and access to 500,000 e-books, music, and media collections, the UCR Library serves the research and teaching needs of the campus and also serves the community as the regional research library for the Inland Empire.

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  • UCR Palm Desert Center

    UCR Palm Desert Center is Coachella Valley’s site where students, faculty, supporters, and friends gather to advance knowledge and wisdom, tackle society’s challenges, and pursue intellectual and personal fulfillment.

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