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Environment. Engagement. Empowerment.

At the School of Business, we educate and develop leaders. Leaders who are asking questions like, how can we make fashion more sustainable? And what does greater transparency in big data, while protecting consumer privacy, look like?

Our impactful programs and research drive economic vitality and growth in Inland Southern California — and beyond.

With your support, we can continue to unlock the potential and upward mobility of our diverse student population – and region.

Join us in pursuit of excellence.


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Initiatives You Can Support

The School of Business is in a transformational time of growth, poised to become the next nationally recognized business school. As the flagship business school in Inland Southern California, there is great opportunity to continue building on our strong reputation of success.

Your support will provide the world-class resources and infrastructure we need to continue moving upward as an internationally recognized center of business education and research.


Education Excellence

Our students come to learn business and leave understanding how to embrace differences, champion better business, and empower innovation.

With your support, we can continue to develop:

  • Student scholarship programs, increasing access
  • Graduate programs, where valuable long-term research takes place
  • Continued learning opportunities with distinguished visiting speakers
  • New program and certificate developments



Research Enterprise

At the nexus of international trade and commerce, Riverside is a growing hub for business innovation.

Staying at the cutting-edge of research is vital not just to our relevance and success as a school, but as a local and global community.

Through support from community benefactors like you, we can continue to:

  • Offer incentives that promote cutting-edge and high-impact research for local and global business
  • Make breakthrough research and resources accessible to academic and professional communities



To accommodate current and future growth, the School of Business is developing new state-of-the-art buildings and research centers.

With your support, we can equip these centers with the resources they need for:

  • Entrepreneurial leadership
  • Economic forecasting
  • Supply chain management and logistics
  • Expanding career development resources



Organizational Culture

Riverside is named a top city for entrepreneurs, outranking other well-known entrepreneurship hotspots of California.

With your support, we can continue to establish a reputation as a hub for business innovation and excellence.

  • Increased faculty positions
  • Opportunities for faculty growth and excellence



Diversity and Inclusion

Our students are as diverse as the challenges they face, the workforces they lead, and the enterprises they grow.

Enhancing our diversity initiatives means nurturing an inclusive and multi-disciplinary research environment.

Your support allows us to continue this integrated approach to addressing real-world problems that affect a multitude of local, national, and global communities.



Culture of Continuous Improvement

In the past three years, graduates have been recruited by the Big 4 accounting firms, Fortune 500 companies, start-ups, and government organizations.

With more than 70% of its alumni staying in Southern California upon graduation, the UCR School of Business is developing the human capital that drives the region’s economic growth and vitality.

Your support allows us to accelerate this upward trajectory and positive impact on the public good.

The School of Business is set up to become an internationally recognized leader in business education and research.

Your support means we can continue to provide exceptional educational experiences. And in turn, elevate virtually every industry in years to come.


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Group sales incentives boost weak brand sales, study finds
A study co-authored by a UCR marketing professor found that group incentives for store sales staff resulted in better performances for retail outlets offering weaker brand lines of products.
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School of Business graduate program surges in top rankings
The UC Riverside School of Business increased 20 positions in a U.S. News & World Report 2024 graduate school ranking released this week. UCR’s business school was the benefactor of a methodology change this year that places greater emphasis on post-graduation earnings and how quickly graduates found jobs.
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Moderate goals let workers adapt to turbulent marketplaces
Challenging performance goals for employees work well when the marketplace is stable, but moderate goals are more effective when workers need to adapt to turbulent times, UCR business school study finds.
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Online consumers shy away from sponsored product listings
A UCR-led study finds that online consumers view sponsored product listings with suspicion when they shop on major platforms, such as Amazon and eBay. Shoppers often prefer to click on what are called “organic” listings that appear high in their product search results but are not sponsored.
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The biggest surprise was the amount of opportunities I found here. Find the right balance from early on between fun and hard work so you can transform into what you want to become.
Ibrahim Aceves
BS Finance Major
I decided to study the language of business – that's why I chose an Accounting major at UCR.
Nadeesha Napuarachichi
BS Accounting Major
Get involved while you're at UCR. It will shape the kind of person you will become. I've been able to take on so many leadership roles being part of different organizations.
Yaying Chen
BS Accounting Major
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