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College of Natural & Agricultural Sciences

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Transforming lives through discovery & preservation

CNAS is home to world-renowned scholars. We are pursuing research that very tangibly deepens our knowledge of the universe and improves our quality of life.

Our students come for science education and research opportunities and leave with an integrated grasp of how they can change our world.

We recently released a new avocado variety that grows more fruit, on smaller trees, with less water. This development took 20 years of research to produce.

Sustainable solutions take time. Your support allows us to make a long-term impact.


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CNAS in Numbers









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Initiatives You Can Support

CNAS is projected to nearly double its student population over the next 10 years. With your help, we can ensure sustained quality in research, teaching, and public service.


Science of Sustainability

Help us improve the world we live in.

Research at CNAS spans both life and physical sciences. We focus on local, regional, and global solutions to a more sustainable future.

Contributions go toward ensuring researchers have the most up to date resources to address evolving issues.



Diversity is a measure of success. It’s also a means of achieving it.

CNAS is committed to demonstrating this with our students, faculty, and staff.

Through your support of scholarships, endowments, and partnerships, we can create more equitable opportunities for all.


Graduate Programs

Graduate programs are a central pipeline for emerging ideas and innovation.

They foster a culture of research appreciation in the workforce.

As a new member of the American Association of Universities (AAU), we are excited to grow graduate research opportunities with your support.



To meet our growth trajectory, CNAS needs your help to secure:

  • 13 endowed chairs for faculty research
  • 13 endowed funds for Ph.D. students
  • 100 undergraduate student stipends for summer research
  • Resources to maintain and expand our state-of-the-art research labs



Our world-class faculty are in high demand.

Your support can ensure we have the resources needed to support their research.

And ensure we have move-in ready space for new research faculty.



Today, approximately 350 separate buildings house CNAS people and resources.

Your support would allow us to create a central space for CNAS living libraries, collections, and more.

CNAS is developing and inspiring future leaders. We’re making discoveries that are transforming communities. And we’re guiding the minds that are asking the questions that will shape our futures.

With your support, we can continue advancing in excellence for our global community.
We can’t all be researchers. But we can all support the researchers in our community.


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More from CNAS

Read the latest research.

worried dog
Study reveals cancer vulnerabilities in popular dog breeds 
Medium-sized dogs have a higher risk of developing cancer than the very largest or smallest breeds, according to a UC Riverside study. 
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This image is a composite of data from NASA’s Magellan spacecraft and Pioneer Venus Orbiter
To find life in the universe, look to deadly Venus
Despite surface temperatures hot enough to melt lead, lava-spewing volcanoes, and puffy clouds of sulfuric acid, uninhabitable Venus offers vital lessons about the potential for life on other planets, a new paper argues.  
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scientist examining plant roots
Solving antibiotic and pesticide resistance with infectious worms
To study how parasites evolve to break the defenses of their hosts, the National Institutes of Health has granted UC Riverside nematologist Simon “Niels” Groen a $1.9 million Outstanding Investigator Award.
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firefighter and wildfire
CO2 worsens wildfires by helping plants grow
By fueling the growth of plants that become kindling, carbon dioxide is driving an increase in the severity and frequency of wildfires, according to a UC Riverside study. 
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I chose UCR due to the collaborative atmosphere, countless research opportunities, and student support programs.
biochemistry major
I am motivated by my desire to understand life... and to educate the next generation of scientists.
Xuemei Chen
Distinguished Professor of Plant Cell and Molecular Biology
A large part of the UCR community is the support you receive from both your peers and professors.
biochemistry major
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