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School of Education

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Shaping... ideas, minds, the future

Students at the School of Education come to learn how to teach, and leave knowing how to advance equitable education systems across the K-20 landscape.

The quality of education in our community has vast and far-reaching impacts. With your philanthropic partnership, we can continue to disrupt systemic injustices often found in education systems and promote structures of opportunity.

We’re shaping the ideas and minds that will inspire the future. Join us.


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Initiatives You Can Support

What started as an education program in 1958 has blossomed into a school with an undergraduate program, two education minors, and master’s and doctoral programs.

The scope of our research, community engagement, and academic programs continues to grow. With your support, we can do so much more to advance an education system of excellence driven by equity and compassion.


Educators of Impact

Our students are future educators, administrators, policymakers, researchers, and leaders across the K-20 education system.

To meet their unique challenges, and prepare them to grow into equity-minded education leaders, with your support, we can provide services like:

  • Student advising
  • Writing support staff
  • Scholarships


Responsive Academic Programs

We aim to move our education beyond the classroom and respond to the needs of the Inland Southern California community.

Continued support will allow us to develop the resources to provide the region with more:

  • Early (PK-3) educators
  • Teachers of color
  • Mental health counseling
  • STEM education
  • University access for minoritized K-12 students


Community Impact

Our community partnerships allow for deeper impact. And local impact is our top strategic imperative.

We are interested in partnerships that include key local, county-wide educational organizations and the State Board of Education.

In tandem with your partnership, we can show what a statewide model of school of education/community-based partnering looks like.


Research of Impact

Our world-class faculty and students are doing research that will add value and wealth to our communities. It will cultivate and increase strengths-based, student-centered, just, and inclusive education in our region AND beyond.

With your partnership, we can continue to elevate and promote their research, and expand the capacity of the Inland Area Education and Research Consortium.


State-of-the-art Facilities

We facilitate programs that benefit K-12 students, families, and educators both regionally and nationally.

With your support we can continue to grow these programs, and offer the state-of-the-art infrastructure needed to expand their capacity.

  • Project Moving Forward
  • The SEARCH Autism Family Center
  • UCR AP Readiness
  • Center for Transformative Education
  • The Institute for Teachers of Color (ITOC)



Endowments are the backbone of maintaining world-class faculty to educate our future educators.

With your support we can establish new endowed positions for research and instruction in:

  • STEM education
  • School psychology
  • Educational policy
  • Teacher education

Our students and faculty today are shaping the quality of education for generations to come.

Your generosity will ensure the ongoing development of teachers, professors, administrators, and academic change makers who will lead the way to socially just and culturally sustaining education systems.


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More from School of Education

Read the latest research.

UCR remains staunchly committed to educating a diverse student body
University of California, Riverside, leaders and scholars have made the following statements in response to the 6-3 U.S. Supreme Court decision that struck down the use of race, or affirmative action, in college and university admissions:   Kim A. Wilcox, UCR chancellor: 
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School of Education researcher Linda Ventriglia-Navarrette received The James Irvine Foundation Leadership Award today. (UCR/Stan Lim)
Researcher honored for work in English language learner education
The James Irvine Foundation recognized Linda Navarrette as one of six change-makers in California.
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School mental health screenings
Culturally-informed mental health screenings improve student, school and community successes
As concerns about youth mental health, school shootings, and other forms of violence prompt more school systems to conduct mental health screenings, a UC Riverside-led analysis is urging school officials to proceed with deference to student family, cultural, and community backgrounds.
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A person holds an open book and glowing light emerges from the pages
UC Riverside tests a reading comprehension intervention for students in the middle grades with autism spectrum disorder
The study will implement an evidence-based reading intervention program in Southern California and Central Texas
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Given the current sociopolitical climate and the increasingly racialized experiences students of color face in our schools, my dissertation seeks to trace the role that racial literacy places within ethnic studies, classrooms, and the impact teacher’s pedagogy can play in developing, sustaining, and extending our student’s racial literacies.
Arturo Nevarez, Ph.D.
Ford Foundation Dissertation Fellowship Recipient
Teaching is the profession that creates all other professions. Young minds are shaped every day by the schoolteachers, and since I’ve already been on the receiving end of that process, I want to also contribute what I have learned and keep that cycle going. Great teachers inspired me to become who I am; and though I don’t expect to inspire every single student, I hope that at least a few will try to make the world a better place with the knowledge I share and the wisdom I cultivate.
Priya Garcia, M.Ed.
Single Subject ‘19
UC Riverside is a welcoming and diverse environment where I believe I can flourish as someone who is passionate about social justice and advocacy. I have been able to create lasting relationships with my professors and with the other students in the program. The staff and faculty within the School of Education have encouraged me to reach for every opportunity that comes my way.
Samia Alkam, Ph.D.
Ph.D. Student
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