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College of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences

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At home in the world.

The biggest college at UC Riverside, CHASS students and faculty create work that inspires the world and challenges the way we think about it.

Our students come with multi-faceted interests and aspirations. They leave with an integrated understanding of how to connect societal dots and reimagine our world.

Answering society’s biggest questions requires time and minds from all walks of life. Your support assists us to continue doing so with respect and excellence.


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Initiatives You Can Support

CHASS is home to units that date back to the founding of UC Riverside, as well as an exciting mix of newer trans- and interdisciplinary academic programs that center on social justice and climate work.

With your support, we can continue to reinvigorate and expand structures of excellence for tomorrow’s liberal arts scholars.


High-Impact Learning

A key aim of CHASS curriculum is to equip students with an awareness of the impact their ideas can have on the world they’re graduating into.

Your support will assist us in making experiential learning more accessible through:

  • Funded research
  • Internships
  • Service learning
  • Education abroad
  • Career services



Home to 3 Pulitzer Prize winners, 2 poet laureates, 2 Guggenheim Fellows, and even an officially honored and recognized Knight, our faculty are among the world’s top minds.

With your support we can expand support for their groundbreaking research and teaching through 5 new:

  • Endowed chairs
  • Named chairs
  • Term chairs



Student Scholarships

For individuals to reimagine a better world, we must first give them the opportunity to do that in their own lives.

With your support we can grow our scholarship offerings for both undergraduate and graduate students.





Through our combined 33+ psychology, anthropology, and sociology research labs, and 3 public art galleries, the students and faculty at CHASS are exploring the big ideas of our time through an integrated and multi-disciplinary lens.

With your support we can continue to, with greater efficacy and bandwidth, accelerate our capacity to inform our societal and global conversations with the perspective and nuance that brings forward solutions and art of inclusive understanding.


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More from CHASS

Read the latest research.

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U.S. News 2023 college rankings are out, and UCR surges
Once again, U.S. News & World Report has named UC Riverside the No. 2 university in the nation for social mobility. UCR also climbed 13 spots in the overall rankings, to No. 76 among the top 435 private and public universities.
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Grant will fund study of link between LGBTQ youth homelessness and extended family support
A National Science Foundation grant helps researchers track 83 participants in the Inland Empire and South Texas.
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U.S. Constitution
Civil War provision applies to Trump candidacy, expert agrees
A journal article forthcoming from the University of Pennsylvania Law Review from two conservative constitutional law experts asserts that Donald Trump's attempts to subvert the outcome of the 2020 presidential election disqualify him from running for president. They cite the 14th Amendment, section three, which was adopted post-Civil War following an attempt to reintroduce Confederate lawmakers to Congress.
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“QTR: A Journal of Queer and Transgender Studies in Religion.”
New journal on religion, gender, and sexuality
UCR professor to co-edit “QTR,” is a fee-free, open access journal supported by the Henry Luce Foundation and Duke University Press.
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Before CHASS, I wasn’t able to discuss, research, or write about queer topics that I loved, but here I’ve been given resources and opportunities to contribute my own voice in academia, and to join conversations that have been otherwise silencing.
Justin Daniel Domecillo
One of the things I like about CHASS is that it really makes us question what makes us human. I feel that it delves deeper and is more critical of what makes us ‘us,’ and that’s why I chose history. I feel like it shows where we came from and how we started out.
Jon Paredes
My favorite thing about CHASS is that it involves just as much unlearning as it does learning new material...Being a CHASS student means constantly rethinking the structures and systems that we have always considered normal because normal isn’t always right.
Sukhmeen Kaur Kahlon
Political Science/Law & Society
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