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Community-based medicine for the 21st Century

The School of Medicine is a community-based medical school model. Our students come to learn medicine and leave dedicated to a new and inclusive approach to health care in our community.

Whether we’re studying cardiovascular health, anxiety, cultural trauma, or treating the health needs of the unhoused, we are the forefronts of researching and treating the most pressing health issues of our community and time.

A core pillar of our mission remains to improve the health of the people of Inland Southern California by developing innovative health care programs that will deliver quality healthcare within our communities.

Your support is support for the future of medicine.


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School of Medicine in Numbers







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Initiatives You Can Support

In the 10 years since its founding, the UCR School of Medicine program has grown from 50 students to a projected 500 in 2023 and beyond.

Your philanthropic support provides resources to medical students, faculty research, and clinical care to serve Inland Southern California communities and set a new model for medical education and health care.


Medical School Pioneer Fund

By supporting the next generation of physicians, we advance health care for all.

Your support of The Pioneer Fund provides the UCR School of Medicine with the world-class resources needed to continue the expansion of our core mission.






Medical + Research Centers

Central to our vision is expanding research that continues to advance knowledge in all areas of the medical sciences.

With the proper funding, our centers will be better equipped with medical equipment and can advance research in:

  • RNA Biology and Medicine
  • Healthy Communities
  • Biomedical Devices





We are committed to educating and retaining the diverse physician and research workforce needed to address the underserved patient care needs of our region.

With your support, we can fund the following faculty leadership positions:

  • Sr. Associate Dean for Medical Education
  • Chair of Psychiatry and Neurosciences
  • Chair of Pediatrics
  • Chair of Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • Chair of Family Medicine
  • Chair of Division of Clinical Sciences


Mission Scholarships

Our goal is to help offset the shortage of physicians and medical resources in Inland Southern California.

Mission Scholarships are an integral part of how we fulfill our mission and retrain physicians.

With your support, we can continue offering these scholarships and training diverse physicians who will practice medicine in the underserved Inland Southern California region post residency.



Diversity and Inclusion

As the No. 5 most diverse medical school, as ranked by U.S. News, we are embracing diversity in the broadest sense and appreciating and caring for all points of view.

The Street Medicine Fund provides financial support to the UCR School of Medicine Street Medicine Project. 

This project reaches the unhoused population in Riverside, Palm Desert, and the greater Palm Springs area. 



Community Advancement

Our community-based medical school model presents unique opportunities for health care innovation, unique to our community.

With your support, we are able to sustain service to:

  • Hulen Place Clinic to serve the homeless populations of Riverside
  • Multi-specialty health and wellness services in Palm Desert
  • New degree programs and certifications

The School of Medicine is developing innovative health care programs to deliver quality care to Inland Southern California.

Our students and faculty have extraordinary dedication to integrity and the highest quality outcomes for our students, patients, and community.

Help us secure a future of inclusive excellence in healthcare.


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As a cancer survivor going through my various health care needs as a low-income first-generation patient, this personal experience led me to help others who can be in the position I was in to deliver competent, compassionate, and empathic care. Having been awarded this scholarship, I am blessed beyond measure to focus solely on my academics. The financial burden of medical school inhibits many from pursuing this career. Still, donors like yourself help individuals like me have their voices heard and influence our community for the better.
Alexis Carmona
M.D Medicine, ‘26, Regional Properties INC. Medical Student Scholarship recipient, Mark and Pam Rubin Mission Scholarship recipient
Being raised by a single parent and being the first in my family to ever pursue a science degree, and now a medical degree, it has been quite the journey and has presented me with some financial setbacks as the cost of higher education continues to increase. However, with contributions like yours I have been able to remain in good standing academically and pursue my lifelong dream of being a physician. I am immensely grateful for your contribution to my academic career and future as a doctor. I am hoping to diversify medicine both now and for future generations to come!
Xaida Wright
M.D. Medicine, ‘25, Mackenzie Foundation Scholarship recipient
Through a variety of work and academic experiences I learned the kind of impact I was capable of having as a physician given my background as a first-generation Costa Rican American. I am an aspiring orthopedic surgeon... The financial burden to become a physician is immense so I am tremendously grateful... This scholarship will not only alleviate some of that burden, but it also further fuels me on becoming the best doctor I can be. I look forward to serving the local community one day and passing on my own experiences to future generations.
Randall Arroyo
M.D, ‘26, Carl S. Fuglie Memorial Endowed Scholarship recipient
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